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Enduring Your Legacy of Love

January 31, 2024 • General

No one wakes up in marriage determined to walk away from a legacy of love; however, it happens to so many couples. For many…

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The Transformative Power of Forgiveness: Jesus ‘Major Key’ example

December 4, 2023 • General

In the realm of inspirational figures, DJ Khaled stands out as someone whose life and success hold valuable lessons, some of which unexpectedly revolve…

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The Art of Vulnerability

November 27, 2023 • General

“Can you handle me?” These words carry weight, opening the door to vulnerability and trust. Confession therapy is about creating a safe space where…

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Start with Me: Rebuilding Your Marriage One Step at a Time

November 13, 2023 • General

When your marriage feels broken or when things get tough, it’s all too natural to start pointing fingers and casting blame on your partner….

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Beyond an Emotional Affair

February 7, 2022 • General

Tune in to this hilarious, authentic and very vulnerable conversation, with Seacoast Church Executive Pastor Josh Walters and Katie Walters CEO of Francis and Benedict.   One of the biggest threats to a…

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But Not All At Once: Big Family, Small Business and Global Ministry with Katie Walters

November 19, 2020 • General

Katie Walters is why this podcast started. Not the literal reason, but the embodiment of it – a woman you’d see across a party…

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It’s All About Perspective

February 14, 2020 • General

When we got married in December of 2002, Katie was a guidance counselor and I was a youth pastor. I remember being so envious…

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The Painful & Beautiful Journey of Losing His Father

November 10, 2019 • General

Josh Walters Josh and his wife Katie have six children, AnnaJaye, Abigail, Abel, Asher, Ari, and Anthem (The A-Team). They’ve been married for 17…

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The Seven Seamstresses

March 2, 2019 • General

In the billowing folds of brightly-colored African textiles, Francis + Benedict founder Katie Walters envisions a future of dignity and sustainability for the women…

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Vivid Dreamer

September 18, 2018 • General

After a mission trip to Togo in July 2015, Katie Walters returned home feeling uneasy. She wanted to help people in the African country…

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