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Katie and I met our freshman year of college at the University of South Carolina. The day I met her I went home and told my roommate I was going to marry that girl. Her reputation preceded her. She was beautiful and bold, going after God and not willing to compromise. I’d never met anyone like her. Having recently started walking with God myself, He allowed our paths to cross at a time in our lives where we’d both decided to put Him first. We sought God about our future, our family, his purpose for our lives. We honored him in our purity, our lifestyle, and choices.

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We got married Christmas of our senior year and shared with our families just a few months later at Graduation that we were pregnant. Having always wanted a large family Katie was pregnant for much of the next decade. We’d have 3 kids and 3 miscarriages in the first few years, we experienced the epic joy of childbirth and the crushing disappointment of loss. All the while, we were both pursuing our masters, working full time, renovated a few homes and acquired some rental property. We were staying busy, very busy, in Jesus name. Somehow convinced we were going to change the world. That said, it was a season where we felt isolated relationally, strapped financially and stressed as to how we make it all work.

But over time, our pace and lifestyle had created distance in our relationship, and we began to see the consequences it was having on our marriage. We were having a regular date night and intimacy was happening, I thought the tension we were feeling was normal. But in reality, Katie’s heart was slowly drifting elsewhere.

She’d been on bedrest with our first son and feeling distant from me while also emotionally engaging with the husband of a couple we were close friends with. What started as concern and care, dropping off meals and magazines, turned into texts and phone calls which changed everything.

Katie had given her heart to another man and was convinced that she didn’t love me anymore. Over the course of the next year, we saw God do nothing short of a miracle in our marriage. It wasn’t an easy process, often times it was three steps forward and two steps back. But God. He was faithful to fight for and restore us. He took us to a new place of friendship and intimacy that felt much like a new marriage with the same person.

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Josh Walters

Josh has been on staff at Seacoast Church for the last 14 years where he currently serves as the Executive Pastor for Seacoast Experience. He is a member of the Teaching Team and helps oversee what happens in person and online each weekend. Katie has been on staff part time for about the same amount of time in several capacities. She currently serves on the Experience Team and Teaches occasionally as well.

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Katie Walters

Katie’s full-time job is serving as the CEO of Francis and Benedict. F and B is a fashion line that started 8 years ago with missions partners named Francis and Benedict in Togo, West Africa. F and B makes waxprint clothing designed for American women hand made by single moms and widows in Togo. What started as a non-profit to give Togolese women space in the American market and return profits to them has become a for profit business with a nonprofit arm that runs along side of it to help transform Togo.

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